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Internal Medicine Services

The short description of internal medicine would be something like: ‘Managing patients clinical needs without using surgery’.
For anyone who wants a little more information:
The term ‘Internal medicine’ refers to the treatment of a given patient with the use of diagnostics - think history-taking and nose to tail clinical examination (what we do in the consulting room), blood testing to localise any given issue(s) to a certain body or organ system, obtaining samples and/or biopsies; taking and reviewing x-rays, and occasionally referring patients for more advanced imaging such as abdominal ultrasound, echocardiograpy, CT scan, MRI scan and, of course, the use of the appropriate medications to attempt to counteract the symptoms of illness based on the attending veterinarian afflicting our beloved patients – your furry family members.
In short, there is no short description of (internal) medicine…but essentially it is the essence of what we do every day. The thing that made most vets want to be vets when they were growing-up…taking a sick patient and working-out what it is that’s not quite right with them and doing whatever you can in your power to reverse the ailment and to return that patient, that animal, that beloved family member to their full health. And where that’s not possible, getting them as close as possible to that aim of full health, while always ensuring that the patients welfare, dignity and quality of life is maintained as without maintaining quality of life, one is not practicing best medicine.

Internal Medicine Services: Service
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