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Surgery & Anaesthesia

Carefully planning, preparing and putting our much-loved patients under sedation (such as for obtaining x-rays or cleaning and dressing wounds) or under general anaesthesia for surgical procedures (including but not limited to desexing procedures; lump biopsy and/or removal; skin wound repair) or dental treatment is not only a part of our everyday work, but is something that all our team have a great interest in. While we understand the inevitable anxiety many people experience knowing their much-loved pets are going ‘under’ anaesthesia, please rest-assured that each individual patient has their anaesthetic plan customised to their unique requirements and every patient is assigned their own veterinary nurse throughout their procedure and recovery as well as being over-seen by the veterinarian on-duty, who personally oversees their pre-anaesthetic/sedation health check and is alerted immediately to any concerns that may arise throughout the anaesthetic or sedation.
On top of this, at Rathmines veterinary hospital, your anaesthetised pet will be electronically monitored (major vital signs including heart rate; blood pressure and core body temperature) to high-end fully automated monitoring equipment (this reduces our staff’s workload allowing them to focus directly on the health of your pet).

Surgery: Service
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